Money/Currency Converter

Use this website to see which currency is used in the country where you are going, and the current rate of exchange from US dollars:

Time Zones

Use either of these websites to see which time zone your destination country is located in, and how many hours ahead or behind you will be:

Electrical outlets and adapters

Use these websites to see what kind of electrical outlets are used in your country of destination, and which adapters and/or converters you will need to purchase (Radio Shack/Walmart, etc). You can a

Weather forecasts

Use these websites to check the local forecast for your destination, or to see what typical weather you might expect on your travel date:

Passport Applications and Requirements

Use these websites to find passport requirements, down-loadable passport applications, etc:

Birth Certificates

Use this website to find out how to apply for a replacement birth certificate:

TSA Security Packing Restrictions

Check this website to see what the TSA is currently restricting for hand- and checked luggage, plus luggage locks:

US State Dept. Travel Warnings

Check this website to see if the US State Dept. has issued any travel warnings or advisories for the country of your destination: